Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Procedure to follow upon receiving a bullying complaint

Procedure to follow upon receiving a complaint  (From our Bullying Policy)

4.10 When a complaint is received, the various students will be interviewed and the  accused person will be given a chance to explain their actions to the appropriate coordinator.  

4.11 If bullying is established, the student  will be told why their behaviour was unacceptable, their name will be recorded on a Negative Student Behaviour Report form and submitted to the Edumate file.  They will be given a verbal warning and an immediate detention.  Depending on the severity of their behavior this may mean an after school or a lunchtime detention.  They will also be asked to apologize verbally to the victim and make restitution.  It is important that the bully recognises how and why they were wrong before making any apologies.

4.12 If a student appears in Edumate for bullying on two occasions, their parents will be contacted and may, if necessary, be called to a meeting.   

4.13 If a student appears 3 times  in Edumate for bullying  they will have all privileges cancelled and will receive counseling on how to build skills to interact more positively with others.  The coordinator may impose an internal suspension and the student may also be called to appear before the  enrolment review committee together with their parents.  This is at the discretion of the relevant coordinator.

4.14 The Assistant Principal and Principal reserve the right to immediately suspend a student if their behavior has been or is deliberate and sustained over a period of time and/or if it involves serious physical or mental harm to the victim.  In this instance the student will be called before the enrolment review committee.

4.15 If a bullying action falls under the banner of mandatory reporting, parents will be informed and the details will be passed on to the appropriate authority by either the Principal or the Responsible Officer.  

NOTE - students may report bullying actions they have seen, heard or witnessed either to themselves or to others by sending an email message to bullying @chcs.tas.edu.au   This will be sent immediately to the coordinator team and the Principal for investigation

HOWEVER - false reports attempting to get people in trouble is another form of bullying and will be dealt with according to the policy guidelines above.

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