Sunday, 20 January 2013

2013 leadership team

We begin the 2013 academic year with a new look leadership team.   

Patrick Bakes
James Arnold
Business Manager
Ara Popowski
Assistant Principal
Middle School Coordinator
Special Needs Coordinator

Cynthia Arnold
Executive Assistant
Meagan Popowski
Junior school Coordinator
Jonathan Arnold
Senior school Coordinator

Jenni Poke
Careers and TQA coordinator
Kai Mohell
Trade Centre Manager

The school's senior leadership team consists of myself, Ara and James and the leadership team is myself, Ara Popowski, James Arnold, Cynthia Arnold, Jonathan Arnold, Meagan Popowski, Jenni Poke and Kai Mohell.  Please pray for these people as they seek to lead the school well.

 I remain as Principal while Cynthia Arnold becomes my executive assistant.  Cynthia is in my old office and I will be working from the meeting room adjoining the main office.

Ara Popowski begins the year as the school's Assistant Principal taking over from Mr Josh Smith who will be rejoining the Senior school team.  Ara is also overseeing the Special Needs program of the school including managing our teacher aides and will be the Middle school Coordinator.

James Arnold is our new Business Manager taking over from Mr Tim Smith and he will be assisted by Marcus Popowski who is our new Bursar.  These two men will be invaluable in ensuring the school remains on a sound financial footing.

We have two new Coordinators.  Meagan Popowski is the Junior school Coordinator with an office near the Infant section of the school and Mr Jonathan Arnold is the Senior school coordinator with an office upstairs in the 11/12 section.  The Coordinators team is rounded off by Ara Popowski as Middle school Coordinator.

Kai Mohell remains as Trade Centre Manager and VET Coordinator and Jenni Poke is officially our Careers Counsellor having completed her qualifications late last year.  Jenni also is the TQA coordinator and works alongside Jonathan and Kai in assisting senior secondary students to manage their course selections.

 I have two main aims for this year.  

The first is to be a much more visible presence in the clasrooms by continuing to teach some classes as I have done in the past but also regularly spending time in classes alongside teachers.

The second is to oversee a major overhaul and review of all aspects of the school's operations.

Soon we will be releasing our Strategic Plan for the years 2013 to 2017 which we hope will see CHCS positioned not only as a school of high educational repute but recognised widely as a school that cares for and supports its community.

Patrick Bakes

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