Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Welcome to my Principals blog, a place where I can share ideas, initiate discussions as well as encourage, inspire and stimulate parents students and staff in our shared committment to education and specifically to Christ Centred education.

I am a registered teacher with 32 years experience in the classroom having commenced teaching at Ulverstone High School in 1980.  I have been Principal at this school since 2007 having spent a number of years here since 1994 looking after the High School section and overseeing the move towards Grade 10 and then the introduction of years 11 and 12.  I believe that having experience in both the state and independent school systems allows me to have a balanced view of educational experiences and  needs across the two sectors.

I have been married now for 32 years to Joanne and we have two children; Caitlin 22 and and Austinn 13.  We have lived in Circular Head since 1986.  I have two enduring memeories of my first few months here.  One was the unending wind up Tier Hill where we lived in a rented Department of Education home and the second was watching snow fall in the courtyard at Smithton High in 1986, an experience yet to be repeated again here.

I welcome your comments and questions and trust that over time you will find this blog informative and stimulating.

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